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The UroCuff Test

The UroCuff TestHTX Urology offers an innovative option to help diagnose lower urinary tract symptoms: the UroCuff test in Clear Lake, Texas. Dr. Dhir recommends all men get a UroCuff test at baseline to evaluate bothersome urinary symptoms such as frequent or urgent urination, nighttime urination, leakage of urine when unable to find a restroom, or a weak urinary stream.

If you are suffering from bothersome bladder problems, prompt intervention is necessary to both diagnose and offer proper treatment options. With the UroCuff test, patients can experience more comfort than they would with traditional urodynamic tests that involve placement of catheters in the urethra and rectum.

The UroCuff test is fast, since it only takes the time involved to empty your bladder; it is also completely non-invasive and pain free!

What Is the UroCuff Test?

The UroCuff test is a modern-day solution to previously invasive Urodynamic testing. The goal of UroCuff (and previously Urodynamics) is to assess overall bladder efficiency by determining bladder function, capacity, pressure, and overall urinary flow rate.

It is used to help diagnose and treat patients with bothersome urinary symptoms. These symptoms may be secondary to bladder outlet obstruction from an enlarged prostate, from a purely overactive bladder, from a urethral stricture (scar tissue), or even a neurogenic bladder from brain, spinal cord, or nerve problem. In patients with BPH (enlarged prostate), the UroCuff test will usually show a low urine flow and high bladder pressures.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for the UroCuff Test?

Men who are experiencing urinary symptoms such as uncontrollable urgency, incomplete bladder emptying, frequent nighttime urination, and weak urine stream are all good candidates for the UroCuff test. This test is especially important for any man considering a medical procedure like UroLift or surgery on their prostate for BPH.

What Is the Preparation Involved for a UroCuff Test?

You will be asked to drink about 32 ounces (4 cups of water) one hour prior to your appointment. You should arrive at HTX Urology with a comfortably full bladder ten to fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled testing time. It is imperative that you do not urinate before your test.

How Does the UroCuff Test Work?

The UroCuff Test measures the amount of urine expelled during a void, the flow rate at which it is voided, and the amount of pressure generated by the bladder during urination.

To begin, a light suction device is placed on the head of the penis, where it collects urine and measures pressure and urinary flow. Once the device is in place, the patient is instructed to empty their bladder into a machine that measures the urinary flow, called a flow meter.

Is UroCuff Testing Painful?

No. The UroCuff test is non-invasive and is not painful. The test takes about 1-2 minutes and there are no significant side effects noted.

The advantage of the UroCuff test compared to Urodynamics is that painful and invasive urinary and rectal catheters are not needed to determine the answer to the same important question: is the patient showing signs of an obstructing prostate with deteriorating bladder health?

An abnormality in UroCuff testing will help identify patients that will benefit from BPH treatment, such as UroLift, GreenLight Laser or TURP. These interventions aim to preserve bladder function long-term while improving urinary flow and ability to store urine during the day and night. A UroCuff test can also be performed after prostate surgery to monitor bladder efficiency before and after intervention.

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