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Erectile Dysfunction Medications

We provide you the full spectrum of oral and injectable ED meds at a discounted price. Meds are shipped directly to your door, avoiding awkward trips to the pharmacist and time wasted on hold with insurance companies. Our oral medications are available in both on-demand tablets and troche forms, which are dissolvable in the mouth for quicker effect.

Oral Medications

Oral medications are often the first step in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). The two most popular medications are Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis). These meds are typically effective in mild to moderate cases of ED. Unfortunately, conventional pharmacies often charge $40-70 per dose, making treatment unaffordable for most men.

Options For Oral Medications

Though different oral medications work in different ways, every medication has its own chemical makeup. It is these differences that can affect the working mechanism of these medicines, such as how quickly they affect and how fast they wear off. Before prescribing these medications, Dr. Dhir will take your interactions with other medicines as well as your health into consideration.

Let us take a look at some of the most common medications prescribed by Urologists and the differences between them:

  • Viagra or Sildenafil: This is a popular and effective medicine most prescribed for men suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It is most effective when it is taken on an empty stomach around one hour before sex.
  • Cialis or Tadalafil: This medication can be taken any way- with or without food. Taken about one to two hours before sex, Cialis is effective for around 36 hours. It can be taken as a larger dose or in small doses daily, as per your individual prescription.
  • Vardenafil or Levitra or Staxyn: Most effective when taken around an hour before sex, this medication too can be taken both with and without food. It is effective for around four to five hours and even more if you suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. There is a newer form of this drug that has been released and dissolves right on the tongue and works faster than swallowing the pill.
  • Avanafil or Stendra: This ED medicine can also be taken with or without food, around 30 minutes before having sex. Depending upon its dosage, the effect of this medication can last for up to six hours.

Due to the similarities between these medications, Dr. Dhir often recommends a particular medication as per your individual preferences. This includes their ease of usage, cost, and the duration of their effects.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy involves placing a small needle into the penile tissue 5 minutes prior to intercourse. The injection involves a compounded mixture of 3 to 4 medications, appropriately called Tri-Mix of Quad-Mix, that dilate the blood vessels to achieve a strong erection.

Results are immediate with intact sensation. Injection therapy is an alternative for men with moderate to severe ED who either do respond well to oral medication or have undesired side effects such as headaches or flushing. Injectable medications are compounded in a vial and are cheaper per dose than oral medications.

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