There was no waiting. I started to fill out the paperwork and was called just after starting. The nurse asked me to give a urine sample. After that she did an ultrasound. She commented that it was good. That pleased me. The doctor came in quickly. He asked me about my history and wanted details. I explained my health problems and surgeries. He made me feel comfortable. It was easy to talk to him. I explained that the medications I’d tried all caused problems. The medication I’m taking now only helps to a point. I’ve had to alter the dosage because of the side effects. The doctor told me he was going to change the dosage. Before the exam he told me exactly what he was going to do. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all which happened with my previous doctor. I don’t think that should ever happen to a patient for any reason. After the exam the doctor said he’d like to get me off the medication entirely. It doesn’t work well and the side effects exacerbate another problem. He told me that I might need a procedure. That concerned me. I know something about the procedure or at least one procedure. I knew there was a possibility it may be needed someday. Doctor Dhir had just told it was almost “someday.” It had been on my mind already. I’ve been feeling bad and the medicines don’t work. I hope it didn’t show but I got upset. I don’t know what I said. Doctor Dhir seemed a bit surprised at my concern. He said if a procedure eliminates the medicine and the problem it would be worthwhile. I couldn’t deny it.Then he told me that a rectal exam can only look at the outside of the prostate. That doesn’t give him enough information. He said he needed to look inside and told me he was going to do a cystoscopy. I almost got sick to my stomach. He explained how it’s done and that he would do it in the office. He made me understand that it is needed. He was quite firm about it. After he explained it didn’t sound too bad. I was concerned about the procedure that might be needed after the cystoscopy. I told the doctor about a friend who recently had, I believe it is called, TURP. He had a problem with bleeding after he left the hospital. That frightened me. The doctor explained there are different procedures and why one is required rather than another. He explained that my prostate is of normal size. He didn’t think the procedure my friend had would be required. I do understand that until he does the cystoscopy he won’t know anything for sure. It’s possible he may need to do other tests. At this point Doctor Dhir has made me feel comfortable about having the cystoscopy. That alone is a brobdingnagian accomplishment. I trust and believe him. He impressed me. That is something that doesn’t happen often. Please excuse grammar errors. I’m tired and didn’t proofread.