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  • What is Movember?

    What is Movember?

    Some of you may have already heard of a campaign called “Movember”. Perhaps your friend or family member was growing some ridiculous moustache last November and you may not have really understood why.

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  • Low Testosterone and Your Sexual and Reproductive Health

    What is “Low T”?

    Low Testosterone, commonly known as “Low T” or hypogonadism, refers to a decrease in a man’s testosterone levels causing unwanted symptoms. This can be attributed to problems with testicular production (primary hypogonadism) or with the pituitary gland (secondary hypogonadism). As men age, 1-2% of total testosterone is lost each year starting in the 3rd or 4th decade of life. Low T can lead to bothersome symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

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